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My name is Dale Carter, born in Texas and now live in North Carolina. After years of working in the textile industry, I found Blessed Bedding as a continuation of pursuing my dream to a higher level, the dream of bringing best-quality quilts and bedding products to every individual and household, not only in the U.S., but also the World. My team and I have been working hard to reach there, eventually.

Quilt blankets must be something you will reach for all year long to keep you warm up and cozy. Especially, when cold winter is upcoming or just some crisp summer evenings, having a quilt blanket to warm you up or keep you chill is surely out of the blue. Needless to say, it is also ideal to have it as a small throw on couch or simply a decoration.

Bedding sets do have the same function in decoration for your bed. However, their material is also one of many factors which influence your sleep. A soft bedding set is a must-have item to improve your sleep quality.

How you decorate and style your bedroom tells a lot about yourself. As easy as a breeze, Blessed Bedding promises to bring heaven to you with the most trendy and high-quality bedding items. With our huge collections, you can find your favorite curtains, blankets, carpet rugs etc. at no time. We only allow the best designs to be sold with affordable prices under our brand.

Being assembled from the best designers’ artwork around the world, Blessed Bedding offers customers a greatly wide range of products. We are specialized in custom quilts and bedding sets, in which you freely choose the design and other features that best meet your tastes. Therefore, with Blessed Bedding, you can make your own items or choose from the already existing ones. Most people prefer customized products because they feel special being connected to the products.

There is no need to walk around shops, you can view or inquire about a design online - How convenient! Surely, if you are looking for quilts and bedding sets, Blessed Bedding is a place of the world’s best designs. All our products are made with passion and pride.

Thank you for visiting Blessed Bedding! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Address: 11923 NE Sumner St, Portland, OR 97220, United States

Phone: +1 (910) 250 9291


With gratitude,

Dale Carter - Founder & Owner